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Malik & Partner PrePress-Report offers an annual survey of the leading pre-press systems.

The following 21 system manufacturers are included in the survey:

Adobe Systems InCopy, InDesign, Alfa Media Partner, Atex Media Solutions, CCI, Cicero-Lecloux, DTI, Fidos Media, Funkinform, Linopress Publishing GmbH, Lufthansa Systems AS VI&VA, multicom NextGeneration, MarkStein Software, Medien Print & Online GmbH mpo, net-linx / S.I.I., Pape Media, Vision, MSH/IS-MAM, Sinedita, Tera, Unisys e@ction.

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In this study you find information on Pre-Press systems currently in use at newspapers and corresponding contacts for system decisions structed by system scope. There's an overview of 537 publishers of 17 countries in total (focus on German speaking Europe and Great Britain), 994 partly systems of 348 publishers plus 1173 contacts out of 399 publishers on Pre-Press, Press, Post-Press, Advertising and Distribution, including professional capacities.
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The study illustrates reducing waste paper and explains the principle and methods of Total Quality Management, its applications, goals and benefits.