Engineer for print and repro technique ("Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt", Vienna); skilled type setter; Technical Director ("Kronen-Zeitung", Vienna); Manager of a leading roll offset and service company in Austria (Goldmann-Druck); Managing Director "Mannheimer Morgen / Vereinigte Offsetdruckereien", Germany.
Special consulting areas
Holistic management of companies, strategic planning of businesses, pre-press consulting for newspaper and magazine publishers, implementation of editorial, advertising and distribution systems, planning and implementation of Total Quality Management, EDP consulting, management and organisation for newspapers and magazines and printing houses, Joint Venture consulting for Eastern Europe, development prognoses for enterprises and divisions, feasibility studies for publishing and printers, investment consulting.
Graduate of Graphical design, Vienna; Master's degree and diploma; several years of experience in international marketing agencies.
Marketing graphics, art design, marketing and communication, inhouse organisation, customer service, financial controlling.
Business economist; specialised in implementing editorial, advertising and distribution systems.
EDP consulting, accompanying management in publishing houses with implementing editorial, advertising and distribution systems.
Graduate of the University of Economics, Vienna; masters degree; experience in marketing and market research.
Economic analysis, development prognoses for enterprises and divisions, implementation of controlling instruments, financial and cash flow planning, administrative value analysis, zero base budgeting.